Places And Activities To Find Inspiration As A Creative Person

Welcome to the third day of the 2020 Love Blog Challenge! Today’s prompt is Creativity. Check out the announcement post for all the prompts and rules this month. Falling into a creative rut is common for most creatives. When you have been churning out article after article, Info-graphic, after info-graphic, you can end up spreading yourself too thin and have nothing to give anymore.  A creative rut means having no inspiration to work and sometimes we end up hating the very things we loved doing.

Here are simple ways to inspire you and bring back creativity.

People Are Inspirational 

Whatever you are doing right now, there is someone else who is doing it better than you.  There is someone else to learn from. For me, writers and Christian leaders and writers are people who inspire me to be better and to do better. This is because we have similar interests in which they possess prowess over.

Find people that are 20 times better than you in terms of what you want to learn and learn from them.



Look For Music That Inspires You

A great way to do this is to Shazam music when watching movies that you like. Some movies have insanely great music and music speaks so if the song speaks to you; Shazam it. I am so intent on listening to the lyrics of a song. Even when watching a movie, I listen to the theme songs and look for them.

20 The Count Down Magazine and The Sunday Morning Drive on Family Radio 316 are count downs I listened to every single Saturday and Sunday of my University life.  Nowadays I don’t listen as much but it’s something that I am working on going back to.


Watch Movies From Different Perspectives

In as much as you are watching for entertainment, try watching from a writer’s, an actor’s or a producer’s perspective. Try watching movies from a perspective of your interest. You will find new ideas and might end up getting more entertained because you certainly relate.

I like watching movies while having subtitles. Yes, I am one of those people. It’s good to appreciate the great work that the scriptwriters did. Poetic lines, sarcastic tones and a whole other lingual and cultural mix go well appreciated by me. These give me writing inspiration or something to chew on as I go about my day.


Look For Books That Might Speak to You, Your Passion or Simply Entertain

If you are not a reader, try reading articles. There are a lot of articles on Medium on so many topics that will inspire to be active or provoke your thought process. Try reading an article a day, 20 pages a day, or spending 20 minutes reading if you want to cultivate a reading habit.


Reading is a habit that was cultivated in me by my parents and has stuck ever since. Yesterday, I thought of pursuing Academia as a career since I have no problem with reading but we’ll see how that goes as life spins itself. For the longest time, especially in high school, my focus was on romance. By the time I was through with high school, I had read all the books by Mills and Boon, Silhouette and Intrigue publishers in the school library.  A.Whole. Lot. Of Books.

The best thing this did is that it built my communication and writing skills. The worst is that these kinds of books can give you a false sense or unhealthy idea of what love should be, or chivalry or courtship.


Chores Are Inspirational Too

Chores are work and as annoying as it seems, seeing them in a positive light helps. Of course, there are better life-changing things you could be doing, but you need to eat, you need to do laundry or spend time with your family.

If you are tired of working or have hit a creative block, go fold laundry or do the dishes. Some of the best ideas come when I am washing the dishes. For me, the muse appears when I am at the kitchen sink, and when I sit down to write. In this regard, I always have a podcast playing to encourage the inspiration, soak in wisdom at my most attentive time and feel rejuvenated while doing the dishes.

Podcasts also help me look forward to doing the dishes when I’d much rather be doing something else. When I associate doing the dishes with self-learning, I always look forward to it. Podcasts are my inspiration when it comes to doing the dishes.


Take A Long Walk

Tired of working at one project, take a walk.

Need time to ruminate before making a decision, take a walk.

Looking to change the environment for a while, take a walk.

Walking allows you to take upon the present. It helps you focus. If you choose longer walks, they present a chance to ponder and ruminate over a problem, an idea, or a decision you need to take. In addition, if you have been working for longer hours and need to let off steam, take a walk.


Write Anything That Inspires You

During your reading time, try having your journal with you and write anything that you find inspirational. Write ideas that you can apply to your side or passion projects or something new to implement in your workplace.


All these ideas will come in handy in your next project, and as inspiration when you need some.


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  1. Brita Long March 3, 2019 at 9:04 pm

    I enjoy (well, maybe not “enjoy,” but “tolerate easily”) repetitive chores that require little attention. They allow my mind to wander and be free. Sometimes inspiration does strike!

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