7 Tips To Help You Prepare For A New Week

A late welcome to the month of June. The month of May was pretty productive for me and I achieved more than I have in a long while. I credit this to reading and planning the month and the week at the start. It’s very important to be intentional at the start of a new week or month. While some things didn’t seem to work, I still showed up and did my best.


First, It’s been a tough couple of months and it’s shocking that we’re half the year in. Like me, you might sometimes wonder what’s the point in working hard at your goals when the world is in this state. While these are valid questions, it’s important to keep pushing and doing the best we can each day, week, or month.


1. Review The Previous Week

You can not move forward if you don’t know where you stand. Take inventory of the previous week and see if you achieved your goals. If you did, have a little celebration. If you didn’t, see how you can make up for it in the current week.


For example, my personal goals might look like this:

  • Finish 5 chapters of my current reads.
  • Write a book review.
  • Watch 5 episodes of Hello My Twenties.
  • Go shopping.
  • Reach out to 2 bloggers for collaborations.
  • Cross two articles out of my weekend writing list.
  • Hit x amount of page views.

Anything that wasn’t achieved in the previous week moves to the current week.


2. Make Goals For The New Week

I love challenging myself and seeing if I can achieve these goals, which you should make it more fun. 

There are some things you have no control of. For example, if you’re a salesperson, you have no control over how many people respond to your pitch/LOI. However, you can increase the probability by being sure of yourself, your deck and sending it to more people. 

If you are a writer, you probably have more control over the number of articles you write. Make goals that reflect this and make up for areas you have little control over. If your goal is to find a job, I recommend you to use Jooble.




3. Create A Reading List

Reading expands your mind and helps you grow. I try to read a chapter a day. I’m still re-reading some chapters on Think and Grow Rich. I recommend books that will help you in the stage you’re in, improve on your work and your performance at your job or help you grow in any sort of way.


I review all the books I read on writing and creating content so make sure to look at them.


4. Clean Your Space

The muse loves clean surfaces where her robes can freely flow as she directs, guides and inspires you :). Kidding. A decluttered space is a decluttered mind. Clean your space and create designated work and leisure areas. 


I have a desk and chair, but I occasionally write on the bed while propped under pillows. So long as your space is clean, do what works for you.


Corona Virus


5. Add Water To Your Routine

When you drink lots of water, you tackle the fogginess that comes with working while dehydrated. As a writer sitting for long hours, it’s important to add water and walking to my routine, otherwise, it can become quite an unhealthy practice. 


Work necessitates taking an insane amount of coffee or tea to get buy and balancing this with water ensures we’re not drowning in caffeine. If drinking water seems boring for you, buy a cute water bottle or add limes to your water to make the practice even more enjoyable and motivating.



6. Shop For Groceries And Stock Up

A grocery run makes everything easier, especially if you need special ingredients to make something mid-week. It’s even more convenient to reduce the number of times you go shopping especially in this social distancing era.


I shop early in the morning when there’s next to no one in the mall to minimize the number of people I come into contact with.



7. Call Your Friends

What’s life without friends who make you challenge yourself, who you can have fun with and celebrate life with? Schedule a video call with your friends, catch up and have fun. Socializing and talking to people you love and care about is a great way to stay motivated, energized and get you prepared for the new week.


It’s the new version of going out while social distancing. How do you prepare for a new week? Let me know in the comments.

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