How To Have A Productive Morning Routine While Social Distancing

When it comes to having a productive morning routine, you have to have a goal, a system and a strategy, otherwise, it won’t make sense to wake up in the morning. Before you decide to be the early bird, ask yourself what you want to achieve. In the past, I have woken up early just so I can have some alone time, read a book, pray, meditate or work on a specific project.


In the days where I have no project in mind, I wake up to read and meditate.


Have Clear Set Goals At The Beginning Of Each Week

I find this is the easiest way to have a productive day, each day of the week. For example, my weekly goals might look like this:

  1. Finish abc book.
  2. Work on the exercises suggested by the author of the book.
  3. Have 5,000 page views on my blog ( this will mean 720 page views each day).
  4. Email 3 bloggers for a collaboration.
  5. Write 5 blog posts 
  6. And so on.


If you make these kinda goals on Sunday, it will be easier to achieve them during the week as you have goals to wake up to. Moreover, you can subdivide the weekly tasks into daily tasks, say for example 720 pageviews a day, or 3 chapters a day each morning.


As they say, you can’t expect different results from doing the same things over and over. A productive morning routine helps you inch closer to your goals, do activities that feed your soul (like reading), work on a side hustle before starting your day or your day job.


These tips can also be used by students looking to have a productive day and school life. Back when I used to be in school, I’d wake up at 4 am to do my Statistics assignment and deeper learning as my mind was still fresh. I’d study until 7 am, have breakfast before proceeding to school. Of course, I had a nap in the afternoon to compensate for the early morning but my grades were super.

I obviously don’t recommend 4 am, but I encourage you to find an hour or 30 minutes of personal time in the morning.

The Best Morning Routine For Success

A lot of success coaches really believe in 20 minutes of exercise, 20 minutes of prayer, and 20 minutes of reading. I find this is a great formula especially for anyone who is still doing some soul searching on what they should do in life.


Adding some faith-building messages or podcasts to your 20 minutes of prayer can help tremendously. I personally like to listen to Terry Savelle Foy. The reason as to why people talk about having a productive morning routine is the results it has on your mental health as well as the impact it has on the rest of your day.


When you wake up late and start your day in a hurry, you will most likely spend the rest of your day playing catch up, anxious and disconnected from yourself. The morning is a great time to spend some quiet, still and alone time with yourself, where you can explore what it means to be you, explore the personal conflicts within you if you have any and hopefully, come to a place where your soul finds honest expression.


My Productive Morning Routine

Since we started social distancing ourselves, I’ve been waking up at 7:00 am, make the bed, and move to the sofa. I make myself comfortable with a cup of hot lime water and read my book, until around 8:30. I’m currently reading Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. I think it was free for Kindle users, but I’m not sure.


At 8:30, I’ll take a shower, make some tea and start my day until 1 pm, at which time I’ll make something light and continue working until 5 pm. Sometimes I’ll forget to shower or take breakfast until 1 pm, at which time I’ll shower and have breakfast. It’s crazy, I know, but my routine is not what it was before social distancing.



At 6 pm, I’ll have a heavy lunch/dinner and call it a workday before retiring to watch one episode on Netflix or read a chapter of a book.


Having a successful and productive morning routine requires you to understand your why, and the drive behind waking up early, as opposed to waking up early to prove a point. Zat Rana wrote a very good article which I suggest you read if you want to create lasting and winning habits.


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Productive Morning Routine

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