Put Your Plans Where Your Faith Is

Let me start off this posts by saying how happy I am that I have graduated. Its been a long road made even longer by school irregularities but all is well that ends well.

Now I can focus on other things like going for my passport or following up on it.

Put your Plans where your Faith is.

Blogging and Writing

This year has been great to me. When I was still free hosting my blog, Habbakuk 2:2 was at the header and this year was the appointed year.

My Blog has seen 300% growth in traffic and I am now a Contributor for a digital lifestyle magazine called H&S Magazine which is published weekly. This blog is the best thing for my creativity outlet, sales funnel for the future, connecting with my readers and meeting other bloggers and writers.


I directed a film and I feel like I would like to explore that part of me that makes the magic happen. When I dream of my house, It always has a modern studio with large windows and monochromatic colours. For now I work at a corner in my house which is pretty awesome for my great little sized projects.


Learning new things is hard. You have to train yourself to love learning new things as it’s part of the process and part of growth.

Apart from that I am really learning how to create Email Newsletters and have been sending one weekly apart from this week due to travels.

Loving People

You won’t always get along with everyone and you might struggle to love others or focus on their positive aspects as opposed to their annoying aspects. Which is the same with me. I have to pray to the Lord and just request for grace to love a particular person that I’m finding it hard to love. From there I try as much to focus on their positives and jot their negatives (also hard, but pray on it).

Clarity and Peace

It’s easy to approach God for His Presents and not His Presence. I find that His presence is better and leads to His presence later on. More over, the clarity, peace, and stability of mind, heart and soul that comes with God’s presence is EVERYTHING. You can no longer be shaken by trivialities as you trust in The Great I Am.

I am now starting life post-graduation and I can only hope, plan and pray that alll will be well and that my plans will be in alignment with His plans.

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