How To Use Social Media in a Productive Way

I was 20 when I started working. Back then, I was an intern for an online health magazine owned by a Journalist from a top media station in Kenya. Although the position was unpaid, it made me feel all grown up. My deliverables included 2 articles a week which were easy to meet.

When I was done with University, I started tarmacking and applying for jobs in the statistics and finance sector. It would be great to practice my economics and statistics degree, or so I thought. After a while, it proved futile and I decided to monetize my blogging hobbies and dabble in social media managing.

I’d say I’ve been pretty successful in making a living and monetizing my hobby through content writing and writing social media copy. However, it hasn’t come without its issues. I’ve written about how social media brought anxiety. Often, when you get into a , so many roles get warped into one.

Designing, writing the marketing copy, posting, engaging with users online and other administrative work. This can make you feel like your brain clocks out of work every time you clock in.

After taking a social media sabbatical, I’m at peace with sharing on Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. I use it primarily to engage with other writers, bloggers and to make myself accessible to people who need writers.

Get Writing Ideas

I knew I had to write these social media articles when I kept seeing other writers, marketers and social media managers on Twitter share their frustrations. Reading those tweets reaffirmed that my struggles were not in my head and the struggles are universal.

Likewise, you can use social media to mine for article and content ideas. By following people in your industry and interacting with them, you’ll learn a lot.

Share Your Work

While this is obvious, we’ve all had the internal struggle on whether to share our work or not. We do not want to be too salesy. We are afraid of what family, coworkers and friends might say or think about our work.

It takes some self-searching and self-awareness to get to a point where we share our work without fear of judgement. Personally, I’ve shared my work on Medium, Vocal, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and other platforms.

Being visible online has helped me get clients, work and learn how other platforms work.

Find Freelancing Clients Online

I’ve had people find me on Medium, my blog, my Twitter page and my Instagram page. They loved my work and wanted me to write for them. It’s so encouraging when someone reached out to you after reading your work online.

Don’t be afraid to share your work as you never know who’s reading.

To Recap:

  • Create a structure around social media management. I wrote a  about it and on how I manage social media on Gumroad.
  • Speak up if you struggle with anxiety at work, and identify what about social media management gives you anxiety.
  • Sharing your work exposes you to potential freelance clients and collaborations.
  • Experiment with different writing topics and see what sticks with your readers. Most of my readers have been on marketing and spirituality which are some of my core writing topics.

Social media has its pros and cons. It’s up to you to decide whether the pros outweigh the cons, or not.

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