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Happy Wednesday guys. Its hump day, happy hump day. The weekend is almost here and I have no plan apart from books. It’s not a bad thing though not as fun.
It’s a new year so we’re not  counting from the 2017 lists. Today we’re taking stock of my list of favorites.
This is the last post of the love blog challenge hosted by Brita Long. See the Challenge announcement here;
Belle Brita.


Favorite book: My Utmost for His highest by Oswald Chambers. I started reading this book last year and it now doubles as my devotional. It was recommended to me By Alice Smith in her book, Beyond the Veil, as she kept quoting him and I am just in love. You’ll be reading quotes from Him in this blog from time to time.

Favorite TV show: Since the Nigerian Kenyan series This is Us ended, I don’t have a new one. I don’t have time right now but maybe I’ll start looking for another.

Favorite song:  This changes daily. Currently listening to Cory Asbury, Reckless love.
Favorite singer: The Smallbone brothers from the band For King and Country.
Favorite scent: Lavender.
Favorite perfume: Revolution by Chris Adams.
Favorite comedy: Blackish.

Favorite Colors: Nudes, black, gray and white.
Those are all the list of favorites I have for now.  I discover new stuff in the morning. I listen to the radio in the morning and write new songs in the notepad on my phone. Then I Shazam or YouTube them later.
New blogs are discovered every day from Instagram or other blogs as bloggers leave comments  or links. When it comes to movies and comedies, my brother is the go to guy. Shout out to Victor y’all.
I download new books from the Obooko free book site or  Oodles free book app.
My favorite prompt this month was Passion, which was also widely loved. Read about it here:

Previous challenges are;


That’s all for today, what are your favorite things? Let me kknow in the comments.

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