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Happy Friday guys. First of all, I can’t believe that it’s Friday and the days are really flying. If you haven’t started working on your new years resolutions, best get to it. Look at that list again to refresh your mind because I can smell December fast approaching.

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Traditions, I have a draft about this that might not see the light of day. It was written in  African context  because I am African. Apart from that, I am from a specific tribe and culture. However, I did not grow up practicing any of that though am acutely aware of what it dictates. Apart from the normal wedding,circumcision(male), funeral and  other major occasions that call for culture and traditions, and are generally practiced by all Africans in varying degrees and difference in cultures; I have not grown up in following traditions in my household.

I am also single so I don’t have traditions between me and my would be spouse. However, there are some traditions that I have for myself and that I would want to uphold if I were in  a serious relationship.

Traditions I have for myself:

  • I go home three times a year. I visit my parents every April, August and December. I was in boarding school for the better time of my life  and the holidays were in those  months so it pretty much became a habit that I follow even now in University. Of course I will increase the visits after school but for now this works well for everyone.
  • Every year, I have a designer who makes me two Ankara clothes. It is something started this last year. Those were my first Ankara clothes, not really my first and I went to a Photoshoot in those clothes if you guys remember about that.This year I’m making something totally different.
  • Reviewing my journals and note books. I have almost five that are filled up. After this one is done I will take out all of them and read all the plans written there and did I achieve them? If they are not achieved and no longer bring joy or serve purpose, I leave them be.

Those are the traditions I could think of. The rest are more of routines than they are traditions so I skiped them.

Traditions I would love to have with my spouse;

  • Going on holiday every December or Christmas. Inasmuch as we’re visiting either of our families, a holiday get away would be awesome.
  • Learning something new each year. Whether crocheting, painting, golf, dancing, art etc. It doesn’t necessarily have to be my interest, it can be his too.
  • Board games or any type of games during Christmas would be fun.
  • Attending the yearly church conventions. I have never missed them and they are always such a blessing.  I hope to attend with him.

I think it’s time to let go of a tradition when it becomes so mundane and you just want to die rather than go through it again. Overall, I’m only starting to figure out what makes me happy, what to keep, what to throw and  we’ll see how that goes.
This post was supposed to be out yesterday but better late than never. Have a happy weekend and be safe, bye.

Love, S.

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