11 Trendy Fashion Accessories For 2020

While the year 2020 has put many things on hold, not much has changed when it comes to fashion. Every year, fashion companies produce between 80 to 150 billion garments globally. Although you might not have dressed up a lot this year, it does not mean you never will again. With three months left until the year ends, why not brighten up your wardrobe with some fashionable trendy fashion accessories? Even better, you can include these timeless and essential pieces into your 2021 style! From stylish handbags to statement jewellery, there is something for everyone on this list.

Here are Some Trendy Fashion Accessories You Can Wear in 2020 and Beyond:

1. Chunky Necklaces

Chunky necklaces are bold and stunning statement pieces and are excellent for tying in looks together. They also add a pop of colour to monochromatic looks and can be paired with a blazer, sweater, your T-shirt, or any other way you would like to. These necklaces come in different styles and can even be layered to achieve any look you want. 



2. Square Toe Sandals

Square toe sandals are one of the biggest fashion trends in 2020, and they come in different styles that make it available to everyone. Plus, they also give off a pretty cool 90s vibe. Square-toed sandals have stunning designs; its strappy feature, in particular, gives your legs an elongated look and can be paired with just about any outfit.

These sandals were a hit during the summer months when it was warmer. However, that should not stop you from wearing them as the cold weather approaches. Pair them up with tights or socks to help you keep warm. Who knows? That could become a fashion statement as well!


3. Bucket Bags

Here is a little fun fact: bucket bags have been around for a long time – since 1932! Created by Gaston-Louis Vuitton, he used this bag to carry champagne bottles. Its round cylindrical base was crafted to hold bottles while its drawstrings held them together so they would not clink together. Of course, as time has gone by, the bucket bag has undergone changes in its colour and sizes while maintaining its unique look.

Bucket bags are trendy accessories that complement many outfits, and as history has shown, they are excellent bags for carrying fragile items. You can wear bucket bags just as you will any other handbag. Wear the strap over your shoulder, ensuring that it rests around your waist. Or you can hold them by the straps. Whichever way you decide to wear your bag, you are guaranteed a stylish modern look. 


4. Waist Belts

Waist belts have long been a dominant fashion accessory for women since the renaissance when they cinched in their tunics and wide garments with belts. Waist belts give women the illusion of a smaller waist and perhaps a safer option than a corset. For years, belts were designed to fit the style of a particular decade. However, they made a comeback in 2020. Modern waist belt designs are typically big and wide.


Additionally, they come in various materials and patterns so that you can wear them with just about any outfit. They are perfect items needed for achieving an hourglass look. Waist belts are not expected to go out of style anytime soon, so having a few in your closet is not a bad idea. 


5. Statement Sunglasses

What better way to protect your eyes while looking fashionable? Sunglasses are vital fashion accessories to have even as the colder weather approaches. There are many designs and cuts that you can choose. However, if you want to keep up with 2020’s trendy sunglasses, look into buying brightly coloured frames. These would add some colour to your collection.



Additionally, you can opt for miniature-sized frames popular among celebrities and other fashion enthusiasts to give you a youthful look. Check out https://www.eyeglasses.com for more trendy sunglasses options. 


6. Hoop Earrings

Hoop earrings are still trendy among many people today and will continue to be one of the most relevant fashion jewellery pieces for a long time. These earrings draw attention to your face, and its round shape complements your jawlines and cheekbones.

Hoop earrings come in various forms, designs, and colours so that you can pair them with most of your outfit choices. Hold up your hair in a ponytail or sleek bun when wearing hoop earrings for a more stunning look. Not only would it make you look good, but you would also be showing off these beautiful statement pieces. 



7. Berets

When you think of berets, you immediately associate these fashionable hats with France and maybe Spain. Military officers in these countries wore berets as part of their uniforms. Berets are also related to vintage fashion, as they were a big part of the 1920s style.

Today, these hats have made their way into mainstream fashion as one of the biggest trends, even this year 2020. They are making a huge comeback, especially since you can pair them with virtually any outfit. 


8. Headbands

Thanks to popular culture fictional character, Blair Waldorf, headbands are back in style! Headbands are the most searched fashion accessories in 2020. They look great when pushed back to keep your locks from falling on your face, or you can place them at the centre of your head. Popular headbands today are usually padded and come in different patterns and colours: think plaid, beaded, velvet, or knotted headbands.


9. Soft Clutches

The soft clutch might be the bag of the season. It is plush and much bigger than the ordinary hardback clutch. These bags are also easy to hold and carry around. Plus, they are ideal for people who do not like to have big handbags. Soft clutches can also easily transition from day to evening accessories. 


10. Booties

As the weather cools, it is time to bring out your boots. If you are looking to buy a new pair for your boot collection, consider purchasing fashionable chunky ankle, knee, and calf-level boots. These boots have low heels and rubber platforms, making it easy to walk in for long hours. If the grunge look is your fashion style, then pair these boots with a dress or some jeans. You can even pair the knee-level booties with a miniskirt if you really want to draw attention.  


11. Mask Accessories

We cannot think of 2020 fashion and not include nose masks in our list. Wearing a nose mask is one of the most effective ways to protect yourself and those around you from the coronavirus. But who says you cannot look fashionable while protecting yourself? Certainly not a lot of creative Etsy designers who have found a way to make wearing masks trendier. Innovators have designed face mask chains to attach to your mask anytime you step out of your home. 



Mask chains closely resemble eyewear ropes, and they enable you to lower your mask just as you would your eyeglasses. There are many chain and lanyard designs that could fit any personality. Since it is attached to your body, you would not have any trouble looking for where your mask is. There is also a lowered risk of contamination since you would not touch it often. Plus, you might receive a few compliments for your fashion sense, so it is a win-win for everyone involved. 


Fashion helps us feel good about ourselves, indeed it’s a confidence booster that keeps you looking fresh and feeling good. Hopefully, these trendy fashion accessories will guide you when you decide to update your wardrobe. 


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  1. Shelly Rawlings October 5, 2020 at 3:42 pm

    You are so right about these — especially the belts, sunglasses, and booties. I’m seeing them everywhere this fall! Thanks for sharing!!


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