Understanding Love Through Corinthians #2

Love is not rude; it is not self-seeking, it is not provoked (nor overly sensitive and easily angered); it does not take into account a wrong endured. 1 Corrinthians 13:5, AMP.

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To be rude is to lack manners, to disrespect, to be discourteous. When you disrespect someone, you don’t see their worth.

We have all been rude at times. Or repeatedly rude towards certain people at certain points in our lives.

Did they deserve it? Probably yes. Probably no.

But what did it make us feel afterward? Definitely wrong. It might have even made us more worked up and we could not help but tell our friends how we “handed it to them.” Choose to be Polite/Kind.

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Sensitive or Insensitive?

Sometimes we are rude because we are receiving the wrong kind of attention from them and it stifles us. Rudeness is our way out of the uncomfortable situation.

And because of that we were labeled Sensitive. You had every right to fight back and it is not wrong to be sensitive. Society todays glorifies insensitivity and being numb to feelings, not “catching” feelings and being as cold as one can be so as to be protective of ourselves.

I love sensitive people. If you are sensitive, you are more inclined to the needs of others. You are able to see what ticks, what works and be there for them. So maybe instead of being moved to anger by trivial matters, be there.

Imagine what could happen if we had sensitive Christians? More in tune with the Spiritual and the Heaven-lies, that indeed seeing to it that it happens here as it does there? (Lord’s Prayer)

That would be amazing. If you have been told off as being overly sensitive and your sensitivity gets in your relationship; consider using that for the kingdom.

Don’t apologize for being sensitive. Train yourself not to take everything to heart.

The very air is rife with influences, practices and theories which sap foundations and the most veritable truths and the most self-evident axioms go down by insidious and invisible attacks. ~ E. M. Bounds, The Reality of Prayer.

So use your Sensitivity for the kingdom.

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