Understanding Love Through Corinthians

Love endures with patience and serenity, love is kind and thoughtful, and is not jealous or envious; love does not brag and is not proud or arrogant. 1 Corinthians 13:4

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It is not as easy as that statement sounds.

Because we want to be kind and thoughtful but at times we snap. I’ll be damned if I am gonna put up with etc again…Why should I be giving love and not be receiving it?

Think about it. Maybe we are going through all this all wrong. Because to love is not only to feel but to extend the same in deed towards the next person.

To love is to extend grace to the next person and allow them the capacity to be human. Love is allowing others to flourish and lifting them up while not being an enabler for their misdeeds. Before reporting to my new job, I stood in front of my mirror and told myself that I was going to love this job. That I am working with human beings, not saints, not angels and God could there be structure in that organization? This prepares me mentally for any disappointment and helps me judge myself and others less harshly.

Love Endures with Patience and Serenity (Long-suffering)

How many times have people wronged us and we tap out at the onset? We are ready to bounce.

How many times have we shunned broken people or people with a past? It’s too ugly for us.

We don’t want to be assigned the job of teaching the intern (patience).

We don’t want to teach others, we don’t have time. We have time for OUR goals, dreams, worries, jobs but not 20 minutes for the next person.

Are we secure in God’s love and peace to have long-suffering? Can we endure like Job but still pray for our friends? Not curse God? How secure are we; can we provide strength for the next person?

Love is not Envious or Jealous

I have heard claims that envy is good as it causes you to work hard. Work for your own.

If you need envy to work hard, it simply means you’re lazy, with no goals and waiting upon the accomplishments of others to follow in the same.

Write your Vision. Make it plain on Paper. Pursue it. It will come to pass.

Love does not Brag and is not Proud or Arrogant

I’ll be the first to admit that I have been proud and arrogant before. This points to an underlying problem that you need to solve. Pride, arrogance and bragging is a covering for something deeper, an emptiness, a hollow feeling.

Pursue self-love, seek to understand and acknowledge your own faults. You’ll judge yourself less harshly. You’ll know what needs working on. The biggest battle you’ll need to win is internal; within yourself.

Love is Kind and Thoughtful

We were created for this. Notice how awesome and incredible it feels when someone is kind to you and more so when you extend kindness?

Someone surprised me for my birthday and I felt so good, from a small gesture my day was made. It was so unexpected and I was going through a hard time, I needed that.

Guess what, I went out and extended the same. It felt amazing.

Kindness should not be used to massage our egos but to the source of happiness and calm for the next time.

Being thoughtful and kind is amazing. Try it.

Love is the Greatest Commandment. In deed, word and thought.

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