Valentines Day: Celebrating Love, Life & Happiness

Real healthy love is  quiet not loud. It is calm, not frenzied. It is solid and stable, not flighty or fickle. ~ Kris Gage.

This is the third post and the fourth day of the Love Blog Challenge hosted by Brita Long. You can find her here and here is the announcement post for all the prompts this month.

I love reading Kris Gage on Medium. She is well informed about healthy relationships and delivers her message every single time. In this regard, I have never been in a relationship that fits in these parameters; solid, stable, calm and quiet.


It was either too flighty, too erratic, or too frenzied.

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How I Plan to Celebrate Valentines Day

At work, where else :)?  I will be at work though I would have preferred if Valentines had  fallen on a Friday or a Saturday. However, I have already counted and it will fall on a Friday next year and then a Saturday in 2020. I am going out with colleagues on Valentines Eve, from late afternoon, then might have some skin care and catch up with my reading list on Valentines after work.

Morning: Listen to my inspiring music playlist while preparing to go to work. Work on my site while having breakfast then go to work.

Evening: Make dinner while listening to Terry Savelle Foy, Joyce Meyer or a podcast on Finances and Investments.  I might choose  to listen to something on relationships and marriage by Joyce. For me, listening on such input helps me prepare for my future serious relationship and marriage.

I bought this black soap that I have been trying on my skin so I plan to wash my face and upper back intensively as that’s where my acne pops up most of the time.

As for reading, It has taken me forever to finish Trevor Noah’s Born a Crime. Therefore I plan to catch with it and write a book review before the following week.

Finally, I will go home  to visit my mum on the weekend because it’s been long since I spent ample unrushed time with her.

Is Valentine’s Important to Me?

Clearly, my plans sound unromantic. If we do something on this day with my partner that gives us huge returns in our relationship, then that’s important. Other than that, as a single person, I am not particularly hyped about it but I wouldn’t mind having plans if I had a partner.

Consequently, it is much more important  for me to have a healthy relationship or do something that helps us move towards this.

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  1. Charlene Maugeri February 25, 2019 at 9:45 pm

    Wow! I love that quote and I think it is so true!

    1. Nderi Sarah February 26, 2019 at 2:58 pm

      Kris Gage is such a great writer on matters love and relationships. Check her out on Medium. That’s where she posts.


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