Ways to Save Money in College and Be Independent

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In Uni, I had a chance of being taught by a certain lecturer who challenged us to start saving and she really put in us the entrepreneurial spirit and the need to be financially independent and great economist of our time.
Her idea was, say for instance you saved as little as KSH 5 each day? How much would you have at the end of a year? How much at the end of your stay at Campus?

So some of us got saving, some of us did not.

Being in Campus and depending on your parents(God bless them) is not an easy job. You’re probably living on a shoestring budget and you also don’t want to be asking for money every other day. There are ways however to economize and save as much as you can.

Cheap Places to eat

As a freshman, I spent a lot on food until I got introduced to some cheap eat-outs and surprisingly the food there was plenty and as good. Unless you are from a rich family, I know you ate from the makeshift vibandas around campus or outside the campus. They were a lifesaver. I ended up saving three-quarters of what I would usually use normally for lunch.

Online jobs

I tried a lot of online jobs actually and I got some that paid pretty well. I would advise you to refrain from jobs on clicking ads as it’s just a waste of time and they will probably pay you 0.005 dollars an ad. It doesn’t make sense, trust me. Try working on Freelancer, transcriber or Fiverr. Be sure to be diligent and on time so that you don’t get a bad review. I got a bad review once and it can ruin your chances of getting jobs.

Don’t follow the crowd

Don’t let FOMO drag you into spending money that you don’t have. Know what you can and can’t afford, what you need and what’s not necessary. Don’t try to keep up with the Joneses as it will only hurt your pocket.

That’s how I saved in College and had extra coins for buying myself stuff that I wanted. For instance the bag and pair of shoes below among other things such as makeup and jewellery, I bought from my own money.

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Save Money in college

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