Fashion Tips: How to Wear and Pair Statement Pieces

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Hello lovelies!

I thought it awesome to write about statement pieces since it’s something I really love and enjoy in terms of bringing a look together. So I basically have the same statement pieces or the same style and I want to show you how I came up with that.

Colour as a Statement Style

This doesn’t mean that all your clothes have to be of one colour but rather how you style accessories. Pairing accessories makes you look so put together and makes you look effortlessly chic and classy. For example I love the colours nude and brown because I think it really compliments my skin.

In this case I wear my handbag(brown) with brown or nude shoes, a brown bracelet which is so cute  and I have earrings matching my outfit.

Take Away: Pair your accessories with colour of the accessories as the common denominator. It makes you look expensive too 🙂


Belts are so classy if you know how to rock them. They bring sense to an outfit by giving it more shape, holding it into place and  you can match your shoes, bag and belts too.


Beaded necklace as a statement piece.


You can choose these to be of a co-ordinating colour or  use a set of jewelery as a statement piece; bracelet, earrings, necklace and knuckle rings, or as a piece. More over, a set of statement earrings is a good choice when you have meetings or want to look official. Is gold or silver the colour for you? Choose one and rock it.

I love gold because it goes well with my complexion but once in a rare while I rock silver jewelery.

What I am wearing of late: A brown bracelet, a black and brown bracelet,  a blue bracelet with special stones with matching pairs of earrings and a gold necklace with the African continent as a pendant.

I always find ways to pair outfits with these.

Take Away: If your jewelery is chunky, be minimal about it and skip it if you are wearing Ankara. Wear thin jewelery for official purposes,’

Watches also make great statement pieces

Sun Glasses as Statement Pieces


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I love a good pair of sunnies!

Have several pairs, three is a good number and rock them with your outfit.

The secret is to be colour co-ordinated and having your pieces look like you bought them from one place.

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