What Does A Marketing Copywriter Do?

A marketing copywriter is a fairly general term that covers a multitude of different jobs. Together, those jobs work together to create effective marketing material such as brochures and flyers, emails, mailshots, taglines and more. What are these jobs and how do they work to create material that can boost your business?

Some of the roles that are included within marketing copywriting services include researching a project or business, interviewing clients, customers, and business owners and writing information about them all. It can also include not just writing but editing and proofreading too, and perhaps even formatting using platforms like Templafy if the need arises.



Copywriters might also be required to manage an entire marketing campaign by planning and implementing it. A freelance copywriter could even be asked to source images to back up their words. Although it is the words that a writer might begin with, there is a lot more to the marketing writer’s job than that. A copywriter such as this usually writes for a number of different clients, and this is the difference between a copywriter and a fiction writer, for example. There is usually an agenda or reason behind a marketing copywriter’s work – often to advertise and promote the business they are writing about.

This is why getting it right is so important for businesses, and why good copywriters have much sought after. Copywriters need to be flexible when it comes to their clients without losing their own voice in the process – it is a fine balancing act, but an essential one.


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Does Location Make A Difference When You Need A Freelancer?

Location is really no longer a barrier or an issue when it comes to finding a freelance marketing copywriter. Of course, you may prefer to discover a fantastic writer who is in the same location as you, because you might want to meet up with them before asking them to do any work for you – but this is not necessary these days. The internet has made it easier to build fruitful working relationships without ever meeting your freelancer face to face.

Why not expand your field and look for a marketing copywriter somewhere else in the UK or even abroad? You will have the luxury of being able to search across the UK for the writer who fits best with what you are looking for. Perhaps you need an expert in SEO, or maybe someone who has a lot of experience in web content? Maybe it’s amazing sales letters you are looking for or a fantastic brochure copy? There will be specialists across the country who can help, no matter what you need. With the advent of Skype and FaceTime, and of course the telephone and emails, staying in touch with a freelance writer anywhere in the UK is easy.

Hopefully, you now have a better understanding of what a copywriter is, as well as your options when hiring someone like this on a freelance basis.

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