Here’s Why Most Women are Frustrated with Dating Apps

As soon as I downloaded two dating apps and got down to swiping, I realized why I had deleted them.

My experience with dating apps has been futile although they present a wide range of variety. Using Bumble got me thinking of using my copywriting and marketing skills to initiate the conversation while using Tinder made me want to delete the app altogether.

I realized that the apps took the fun out of dating and meeting people but how else are people expected to date in a pandemic?

For starters, here is a sample of the men on dating apps:

Selfish guys: Conversations with them are one-sided and you’ll most likely be the one asking most of the questions such as how their day was. They never ask you about your life and you come off as an interrogator.

Self-proclaiming nice guys: They will tell you they’re nice, and give you examples of what other not nice guys do that they don’t. They’ll dangle their niceness on your face. No one wants to date a nice guy. They’re manipulative while trotting their niceness and think they’re better than fuckboys because they opened the door for you.

Gym rats: We love an active man by all means but there’s something off about a man who lives at the gym. All their pictures are of them at the gym, pictures in peculiar poses, holding their chin, rubbing their palms or shirtless gym mirror selfies (Insert eye roll).

The black girl fetish: Have you ever been with someone who isn’t black? They ask as if black people are aliens or dating outside their race is an item on a checklist they want to cross. It also comes off as racist and is a major red flag. Please run for the hills.

The one who hides behind looking for commitment: But they’re not in fact looking for commitment. This is the bait they use to try to lure you in, only to give you major hermit energy, act aloof and standoffish.

There is a girl on Tik Tok who goes on various dates and documents how her dates went. She hasn’t been successful even after a carefully curated schedule of dates and the issues she highlights are common in the dating scene. It also shows that our lived experiences are sometimes very similar and many people may be going through the same thing in life while feeling alone in their experience.

So many people would love to meet their partners organically. The old-fashioned way. The month of June has seen Twitter users make fun of the old-fashioned ways they’d like to meet their life partners:



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