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Nderi Sarah is a Lifestyle blog that focuses mainly on writing, fashion, travel and faith. As such, I do a lot of digital content creation for my site, at MumsVillage and on various Medium publications. These content forms vary from parenting to poems, fashion shoots to eCommerce product listings and events listings.

Collaborate With Me

Here’s what I offer at a cost:

  • Ad space and exclusive features.
  • Blog Posts and articles.
  • Promotional/dedicated emails.
  • Creation of Canva/Pinterest graphics.
  • Affiliate partnerships.
  • Social Media Promotion.

Get in touch with me to talk about rates and partnerships.

Guest Posting Opportunities

If you’re a blogger looking to guest post on Nderi Sarah,  I accept posts on the following categories:

  • Faith (Christian)
  • Fashion, beauty, and style.
  • Writing and blogging tips: These can be as broad as possible. From poems to traffic, to ebooks, e-courses and books.
  • Travel. (Experiences in Kenya and Africa are a bonus.)

On guest posting, I am very strict about the following rules:

  1. A blog post/ article must be 1,000 – 1, 500 words.
  2. It must provide value to my readers and should not be filled with keywords, backlinks and fluff.
  3. Include links to your work and blog in your pitch. I do not accept posts from SEO companies and prefer working with bloggers who own actual blogs and are looking to collaborate not working for backlinks for clients and as a result, writing fluff.
  4. Articles can have affiliate links, but should not be the purpose of the article.

Work With Me

Travel: I am always looking for new experiences and if you feel I’m missing out on such an experience, do let me know and how we can materialize that.

Fashion: Got some cool and stylish outfits on your shop or fashion line? Reach out.
Blogging: Need articles written or help in your blog? Take advantage of my consulting services and reach out. I’m a call/email away and if you’re in Kenya, you’re in luck.

Contact for more information on my rates, experiences and my knowledge.



Sarah Nderi.



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