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Archery at the Forest Kereita

When looking at The Forests’ archery yard in Kereita, they warned about it getting addictive. What could possibly be addictive about archery? I wondered. It’s addictive. Especially if you’re a competitive person.

The Forest is a great place to unwind with it’s lush gardens. You can opt for nature walks or go with a picnic basket to enjoy with friends. The Kimende part of the road is under construction, so make sure to check the weather as the rain can make it a bit inaccessible.

What is a female archer called?

An archeress.


Is archery hard to learn?

No. The guides at the Forest were pretty helpful in terms of training. 

After that, we had a round of competitive archery with my group of friends. I recommend going with a couple of friends. Not only is it more fun, but it’s easier to plan travel logistics as The Forest is in Kimende. 


Archery at The Forest, Kereita



As with any sport or skill, mastery requires commitment and consistency. You can never master a skill by doing it once. To master archery, explore the various archery spots in Nairobi.


Where can I do archery in Kenya?

  • The Forest, the bow and arrows are provided for you and you get tutored for the session you’ve paid for.
  • Strathmore University, Ole Sangale Road. Strathmore hosts the Kenya Association of Archery. However, you bring your own bow and arrows.
  • Nairobi Archery club, Nairobi Mamba Village, Karen. Please contact them for current charges.
  • Archery at the Last Village, Machakos County.
  • Archery at Ngong Hills, Kompass. 


Archery at The Forest, Kereita, Kenya

Who is the most famous archer?

According to classical mythology, the most famous archers are Eros and Cupid, the Greek and Roman gods of love. Eros aimed and made people, gods and heroes fall in love


Why do archers wear hoods?

To focus on the target without getting blocked by the side view. Hoods are also representative of the culture in the ancient times. I had carried a hoodie jacket and a sun hat because I really wanted to look the part. Although I didn’t use the sun hat, the hoodie came in handy especially on the zip line.