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Zip lining in Kereita Kenya

Zip lining in Limuru, Kereita, Kenya has always been on my bucket list. When a friend told me they were planning to go to The Forest, Kereita for group activities, I willingly obliged. I chose two activities; zip lining, and archery.


The Forest is just 60 minutes away from Nairobi, near Limuru in Kereita forest. They have a wide range of high adrenaline activities such as Zip lining, paintballing and archery to tranquil activities such as tree planting, nature walks and horseback riding.


How much is Zip lining in Limuru?

For 2 lines (750M), The Forest charges KES 1,800 for adults and children. For 6 lines (2.2KM), The Forest charges KES 2,800 for adults and KES 2,300 for children. Night Ziplines happen once every month and only 2 adult  lines are available at a charge of KES 2,200.


Zip lining in Kereita Kenya

What does zip lining mean?

According to Oxford Learner’s Dictionary, it’s the act of sliding down a zip line for fun.


Where can I zipline in Kenya?

  • The Forest, Kereita. The Forest is East Africa’s longest Zip line at 2.2Km and is managed by the Flying Fox, Asia.
  • Machakos Zip line.
  • Limuru Zip line.
  • Rapids Camp, Sagana.
  • Kilifi rope challenge and zip lining.


Is Zip lining in Kereita Kenya risky?



There have been cases of accidents across the world and you have to sign a document waiving blame to the providers while providing your emergency contacts. However, I found that their harnesses and zip lines are pretty strong, sturdy and well maintained.


Before going to the main zip line, you’re required to practice at the practice lines and the guides take you through all the scenarios. When and how to break, what to do when you get stuck, how to slow down, etc.


Personally, I found the first zip line harder than the second zip line. The first was hard because I was trying to implement all the instructions from the guides unnecessarily.  As a result, I ended up getting stuck near the finish line and had to pull myself to the end.


The second was easier because I did not slow down. As a result I did not get stuck and it was a smooth ride all along. My advice is to not get scared when you start facing side ways. Don’t attempt to slow down when this happens. Facing sideways is as a result of the wind and is bound to happen. Here is a YouTube Short of the second zipline.



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How long is Kereita Zip lining?

The 2 lines are 750M, the 6 lines are 2.2 Km.


What does ziplining feel like?

Like flying.


It’s a high adrenaline activity. At the first line, I closed my eyes because the acceleration was quick and scary, and then I slowed down. This affected my acceleration and I ended up getting stuck towards the latter end.  


At the second line, my eyes were fully open, and because I was aware of what was going to happen, I did not slow down and I had a better experience.


Where is Kereita in Kenya?

Near Limuru.


Is there a weight limit on ziplines?

Yes. The Forest has a weight limit on Ziplines. The minimum height requirement is 1.4M and the maximum weight limit is 115 Kgs.


Can you wear jeans while ziplining?

Yes. I wore jeans while ziplining.


What should you not wear on a zipline?

Loose footwear such as crocs, sandals etc.


I enjoyed zip lining and archery at Kereita. As someone who enjoys hiking, nature, and the outdoors, their green space and being in a forest and was an added bonus. Nature is so soothing and the air quality was nice and a respite from the city.


The Forest, Kereita