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Hidden Gems In Africa

Travelling is a soul-satisfying experience that one should witness themselves. Though there are some fairytale destinations all over the world, a true traveller would love to explore something unique. It is far better to visit a place that is less travelled as it gives rise to new opportunities. Furthermore, the lesser-known attractions are sure to exude a unique charm that will make your trip memorable. If you are one of those looking for an authentic experience, Africa is just the place for you.
With some incredible travel spots,  Africa is known for its hidden destinations that are worth exploring. It is home to the Nile River, Mount Kilimanjaro, and Victoria Falls. Besides, they are popular for their diverse ethnic groups. While Africa is known for its fascinating wildlife, there are also huge cities, deserts and jungles around. This makes the destination a must travel spot. 

What To Pack For Your Trip? 

Travelling is fun when you have the right elements on board. Else, a fun trip can turn into a nightmare within seconds. In order to make your trip a success, there are some crucial factors that you need to carry. Here we will list some of the most essential things that you need to consider getting along. 

  1. Neck Wallet: A neck wallet is a super small wallet that will easily hold your passport, credit cards, and cash. In addition, it can also carry your phone. They are quite compact in size and design which makes them perfect for travel. Since they are worn under your shirt, the chances of it being stolen are nil. You can find a number of different neck wallets online and select the one for you. 
  2. Portable Air Cooler: Africa has a hot arid climate throughout the year. This is where a portable air cooler comes into the picture. Unlike traditional air coolers, they are easily portable. The portable air cooler will help you enjoy the chill on a hot day. These devices are quite efficient and offer higher cooling features than regular coolers. 
  3. First Aid Kit: The risk of injuries is quite high when you are travelling. Hence, it is very crucial for you to carry a first aid kit. Having a first aid kit will ensure that you have the essential supplies required on a trip. They are small and compact, hence do not take up much space in your luggage. 
  4. Sunscreen: Regardless to which country you travel, a sunscreen must always be on your list. The sun can be harsh in Africa which is why sunscreen is an absolute must. They are not quite available in the major parts of cities. Even if they do, the cost will be twice the original. In such cases, it is best to carry your own. 


10 Hidden Gems in Africa

  1. Darling, Western Cape

Darling is a town in Africa’s Western Cape. The place is home to tons of species of flowering plants. Darling has the best combination of the finest festivals, art, performances, beer, wine, food, landscapes and fun activities. Witness how Darling explodes with colours and bright-coloured petals. You can also experience exceptional wines at the vineyard.

Furthermore, you can also drop by Ormonde Private Cellar which is home to 30+ award-winning wines. There are other wines spots that you can visit. Some of them are Cloof Cellars, Groote Post, and Darling Cellars. Besides, if museums are your thing, then you can visit the Darling Museum. Experience life like in the 18th century and witness the traditional side of Africa. Have a glimpse at the authentic wooden machinery, moulds, butter mixers and additional accessories that were used in the olden times. 

  1. Akagera National Park 

Though there are some famous parks in Kenya and Tanzania, these destinations are quite crowded as well. The number of tourists in these places make your experience less enjoyable. A better alternative to this is the Akagera National Park. It is located in Eastern Rwanda and is known for its low mountains, woodland, savannah and swamps. The wildlife includes a number of animals that comprises elephants, zebras, lions, zebras.

There are unique birds like shoebill, stork and multiple other species. It is the perfect destination you should travel to if you want to experience a cheap and quiet safari. The park has a very scenic view and the birdlife is worth watching. The best time to visit the Akagera National Park is from June to September when it is usually the hot season. 

  1. Lake Tanganyika, Burundi 

Lake Tanganyika is the second oldest freshwater lake in the entire world. It is the longest lake that runs 410 miles. The lake is located an hour away from Bujumbura which is the city capital. Subsistence crops and rice are grown along the lake while fishing is also practised. This is one of the best beach scenes you can witness. Besides, there are parties conducted every weekend at the Bora Bora Beach Club.

If you love partying or clubbing, you can visit these places else you can simply relax by the lakeshore. Take a dip in the world’s longest lake which can be a thrilling experience. The lake is free of hippos and crocodiles that make your swimming expedition safe. Grab a refreshing break from the hot sun and take a dive into the lake. 

  1. Elgin Valley, Western Cape 

Visit the Elgin Valley to be instantly charmed by its beauty. It is close to the N2 highway and is an outdoor adventures playground. The area has world-class and scenic mountain biking trails. Moreover, there are hiking routes through the Boland mountains. It is one of the best ways to reconnect with nature. If you are a food lover, there are a number of different farm stalls and restaurants that you can choose from.

Interestingly, there are different craft cider producers and wine farms that you can visit. The restaurants offer delightful country food keeping the richness intact. Plan a trip to the Elgin Valley for a relaxing weekend getaway. It is just an hour away from the East of Cape Town. Not to forget, the valley is actually popular for a variety of wines. So, if you wish to have a wine tasting experience, the Elgin Valley is the perfect spot to visit. 

  1. Gombe Stream National Park

The Gombe Stream National Park is also famously known as the Gombe National Park. The national park was established in 1968 and is one of the smallest parks in Tanzania. The terrain is known for its woodland to tropical rainforest, steep valleys, grasslands to forest vegetation ranges. If you are looking for some adventure, this national park is worth your time. It is only accessible by boat which adds a thrill to your experience. Besides, the park is also known for the famous Kasakela chimpanzee community.

These communities have been featured in various documentaries and several books too. You can also find a variety of different species of birds in the park. Moreover, you can spot snakes, bushpigs, leopards and other animals. However, the park only allows a limited number of trekkers per day. 

  1. Sipi Falls, Uganda 

In the district of Kapchorwa, lies the famous Sipi Falls. They are a collection of three waterfalls located in Eastern Uganda. The area is quite popular for hiking purposes. You can find a number of campsites or lodges along the route that offer accommodation. The best part about visiting Sipi Falls is that the area has a cooler climate than most of the destinations.
Relax and unwind at the Sipi Falls away from the hustle and bustle of the cities. The destination also offers a number of river activities for all adventure seekers. You can visit the mesmerising waterfalls or hike in and around the area. Interestingly, Sipi Falls is also known for Busigu Arabica coffee which is grown locally. Any coffee lovers here? 

  1. Adam’s Calendar 

Situated in Mpumalanga, South Africa is one of the oldest man-made structures ever. The Adam’s Calendar is also referred to as “African Stonehenge”. The standing stone circle is estimated to be over 75,000 years old. Measuring 30 meters in diameter, the structure is believed to have astronomical alignments. Though it is thousands of years old, it is known to be the only example of an intact megalithic stone calendar.
The peculiar stones are known to cast a shadow that depends on the position of the sun. However, the time depicted by the shadows is known to be accurate even in the current times. A recent discovery regarding sound frequencies has led to shocking studies. Though there are many stone circle ruins in the area, Adam’s Calendar is the most popular of them all. 

  1. Botswana

Experience the fascinating beauty of the wildlife in the best kept African secret- Botswana. Situated in the Southern Region of Africa is Botswana, a desert country. The destination is quite popular for its textiles and rich music. Tune to the sounds of the Tswana folk music and experience culture like never before. This folk music are bold and lively during celebratory rituals. A majority of the tunes and chants are composed of regional instruments.

Some simple music tones also have a sequence of hand clapping. Enrich in the local cuisine and enjoy authentic food around the place. You can also visit the local markets to purchase hand made woven baskets. Furthermore, the grasslands are home to a variety of animals including cheetahs, giraffes, wild dogs and hyenas. You can also find a rich species of birdlife, mammals, reptiles, fishes and amphibians. 

  1. Franschhoek, South Africa

The term ‘Franschhoek’ is Dutch for French corners. The incredible travel spot is an hour east of Cape Town. It is also less a half-hour from Stellenbosch which is a wine country. If you wish to explore some of the best cuisines and local food, Franschhoek is the place you should head to. The destination is famous for its lovely hotels, fabulous wineries, and high-class restaurants.

Franschhoek is situated between the stunning mountains and has some scenic views. The place was established over 300 years ago and is a travel-worthy spot today. It was founded by the Huguenots who brought French cuisine along with them. Hence the name ‘Franschhoek’. You can spend time in the vast areas and visit close to 40 vineyards. Witness the beauty of Africa in Franschhoek and enrich yourself with an experience like never before. 

  1. Dejmaa El Fna, Morocco

For the best African experience, visit Dejmaa El Fna in Morocco. It is an adventure sport that is yet to be discovered by tourists and travellers. The market is an exact replica of the traditional old customs of Morocco. You will find a number of interesting things to do in the busy market. There are snake charmers, acrobats, people playing soulful music on flutes and so much more.

Furthermore, there are musical performers and fun comedy acts performed by the locals. If you wish to experience the true local life of Africa, this place will engage you. You will come across Gnaoua singing troupes and Berber musicians. In addition, the energetic market has storytellers, date sellers, orange juice vendors, henna and tattoo artists. The electric atmosphere around the place is sure to fill your hearts with love and warmth. 

Africa is a place rich in undivided beauty and tons of attractive places. However, there are a number of destinations that are yet to be discovered by travel enthusiasts. Visit these 10 hidden gems in Africa and witness some of the best natural and human-made sites.

Immerse yourself in the diverse nature and vibrant wildlife of Africa. This will be a trip you will hold close to your heart. However, make sure you carry the right items to accompany in your trip. For interesting portable products, visit Make your trip a huge success with the easy to travel products. Now travel on the go with easy foldable and portable products. 

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