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Since most of my readers loved Victor’s article on how to apply for a Hungarian scholarship, he’s back to tell about studying in Hungary, what he loves, and what he hates about Hungary. Take it away Victor. 
So, you are coming to Hungary. It is a great country depending on who you are asking. For me it’s amazing. Some might say it does not match other countries in Europe like Britain, Germany, France. but ignore that. Of course, not everything will be great when you get here, but you better start learning to live like the Hungarians since you are coming to Hungary. 
Here Are Some of The Things I Like about Studying and Living in Hungary:
Low Population 
Of course, the Hungarian government would not agree with me on this as they are coming up with policies to increase the population here. But coming from Nairobi a city with 3 times population than that of Budapest, this is something I like. 
In Nairobi often you will find yourself bumping into strangers as the streets are full of people unlike here in Debrecen as well as Budapest.

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Respect of traffic Lights and Rules
Like most European countries, traffic lights and rules are respected in Hungary. People here do stop at the red light. Motorists respect Zebra crossing and that is a welcome for me. I can’t say the same for Nairobi.

Traffic Jam
Hungary has little Traffic jams as it is coordinated by a working traffic system. If you add up the minutes from one traffic light to the other it will be less than fifteen minutes, on a bad day. On a bad day in Nairobi, it is not a wonder to get stuck for two hours. Maybe it is because of the higher population but I think public transport is to blame.

Public Transport
The public transport in Hungary is amazing. It consists of Electric Trams, Electric Buses, Diesel Buses, Metro (in Budapest) while in Nairobi it has all except Electric Trams, Electric, Metro. Public transport is run by the Government while Kenya is the public sector.
In Hungary, there is an app which you can use on your smartphone and you can access the bus’s roaster. It is well integrated on google maps. What a system! For Nairobi it a mess and if you haven’t been in Nairobi you should go check it or yourself.

What I hate About Studying and Living in Hungary

Language Barrier.
This is my greatest “turn off’ is that most people in Hungary, especially in Debrecen, do not know English. My landlady does not understand English and if you want to ask for directions, well good luck. In Kenya the education system is English. Therefore, even a school dropout knows some English in Nairobi. The Hungarian Language is quite hard to learn by the way.

We all want to experience snow winter once we get here but that quickly fades as it quickly roughs you up. Coming from Kenya, I was studying on the coldest part of the country (Limuru) temperatures range from 14 degrees to 26 degrees Celsius while here is -8 to 32 degrees Celsius. 
The temperatures are 12 degrees and 40 degrees respectively. I love Kenya’s Climate as it is optimum and nice to work with. During winter I got quite sick because of the cold. You have to dress warmly.

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Kenya being a country of 43 tribes a richer cuisine as each tribe has its own cuisine. When I got here, I ate gyros which is great but it is still chicken. Snacks here are lacking unlike in Kenya there a big variety of them. The milk here is awful as well as the drinking water. In Kenya, we have “delicious” water as it is from highlands. Here it tastes awful but I’m already used to it.

Are you studying in Hungary and what do you like or hate about Hungary?

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