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Hiking Seven Ponds, Aberdare Ranges, Kenya

Hiking Seven Ponds, Aberdares had been in my bucket list since last year, and I’m glad that I finally ticked it off.  I’ve always had this desire to complete hiking the Aberdare Ranges. So far, I’ve been to Elephant Hill, Dragon’s Teeth Satima, Table Mountain and Rurimueria. One might say that I’m not done with the Aberdares until I conquer Kipipiri and Kinangop but I’m done, for now. 



I’ve ticked off the four famous ranges. 


For this hike, I used Mona Trails by my friend, Monicah.


Quick Facts About Seven Ponds, Aberdare Ranges

Difficulty:. Difficult. Not beginner friendly.

Trail Length: 13 KM

Weather: Sunny and rainy towards the latter part of the day. Be prepared to layer up and layer down.

Hiking Duration: 8 hours

Elevation: 3,831m ASL.


Hiking Seven Ponds, Aberdares 

Think of Seven Ponds as a  series of four points. 


An ascent that starts from the gate – This is a real test on your knees as you lunge all the way, as well as your lungs as you gain altitude.


Seven Ponds Aberdares



A small walk through a flat path – This path was a welcome respite from constantly gaining altitude. However, the respite doesn’t last long.



Another ascent – From the flat path, you start ascending again. This takes quite a bit of time until the vegetation starts changing into mountainous / heath and moorland vegetation. 



Seven Ponds Aberdares


Heath and moorland vegetation – When you come across this vegetation, know you’re almost at the summit. The summit lies past two health and moorland ridges. The moorland is flat on some areas which is a welcome respite. It’s also so cold.


Seven Ponds Aberdares


Ascending Seven Ponds was not easy but I made it. I was in good company and it helped. My number one tip while hiking is never to be the last group. Always be at the front with the lead guard. This ensures that you get to summit the trail.  However, if you encounter health issues, you can always summit another day.


Tips When Hiking Seven Ponds Aberdares

Be prepared for rain. It started raining a few minutes after we got to the summit. On our way back, we could see dark clouds gathering, before it rained hailstones. Always carry;


  • A raincoat, waterproof pants and gaiters.
  • A change of clothes, including crocs.
  • Sufficient water. Water helps your body get used to the altitude. Carry a minimum of 2L of water.
  • Fruits and snacks.


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