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Olmaroroi House, Kajiado

Olmaroroi House is in Kajiado, and is less than 1 hour’s drive from Ngong town.


The house looks colonial and is painted pastel green from the outside. Inside, it has a coastal vibe and decor, from the white walls to the seats and chairs. It’s a great place to decompress and escape from the city.


How to Get To Olmaroroi House, Kajiado

We were given instructions on how to get there by the hosts since google maps doesn’t cover that area. To get there in an hour without getting lost, I highly recommend you call the boda boda guy provided by the hosts in the instructions manual. 


There’s no way you’ll find the place via maps or the manual so just call the boda boda guy.


The road is a mix of tarmac, all weather road and murram road. It gets steep near the Olmaroroi House entrance. We had traveled in a  four-wheel and a saloon car. The saloon car had an issue navigating the steep murram road as the soil is loose and the rocks aren’t in place.


If you can, use a four-wheel.


Activities at Olmaroroi House

There’s little to no network at Olmaroroi House. Be prepared to be off  the grid. Other than the card games we had carried, the house offers:

  • A swimming pool. The pool is of standard height. I could walk across it, end to end. It has no deep end. I found this pretty neat as I’m still learning how to swim. However, the pool is cold! But you get used to it after a couple of laps.
  • Pool table, complete with pool balls and cues.
  • A dartboard.
  • Yoga mats.
  • Nature walks and nature runs.


Olmaroroi House, Kajiado


From $470 a night for up 8 guests, you get:

  • Kitchen.
  • Chefs – carry your own food items and the chefs will cook for you.
  • While the AirBnB listing might include WiFi, there is no network or WiFi.
  • Private pool.
  • Private hot tub.
  • 8 guests, 4 bedrooms, 4 beds. 


Olmaroroi house functions on solar and not electricity, so make sure to turn off all the lights when going to bed to preserve it. 

Pictures from Olmaroroi House