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Since most of my readers loved Victor’s article on how to apply for a Hungarian scholarship, he’s back to tell about studying in Hungary, and his entrance examinations experience. Take it away Victor.
Have you been nominated for the Stipendium Hungaricum scholarship by your sending partner? Well if you have and wondering what is next, I can provide some clues to what next. However, this mainly applies to been nominated and had applied to the University of Debrecen. Hoping you all received the below email:

Dear Applicant,
We are happy to inform you that you have been nominated for the Stipendium Hungaricum Programme by the Sending Partner in your country/territory. It means that your application materials will be forwarded to the universities/colleges that you selected.

In the course of March, April and the first part of May, the higher education institutions will contact you about the entrance examinations, therefore we kindly ask you to check your emails regularly and be available on skype.
During the entrance examination process, the universities may require you to present certain documents that you could not submit in the online system until the application deadline. You are able to upload these missing documents to the system now. If you still do not have them though, you will have the chance to upload them until 1st August 2019 as the latest. Please note that all obligatory documents listed in the Call for Applications need to be uploaded to the system until this deadline.

We hereby wish to call your attention to the fact that a successful entrance examination result does not mean that you will be awarded the scholarship automatically, however, it is an essential prerequisite. The Board of Trustees of Tempus Public Foundation will make the decision on awarding the scholarship and you can expect the official notification about it by the end of June.


Please consult the following timeline about the next phases of the application process:
As applicants can apply for up to two study programmes, the institutional examinations are conducted in two rounds.

  1. Firstly, the applications for the first selected study programmes are considered by universities. The examination process for the first selected programmes can be expected from 18 March to 30 April 2019, however, the dates are indicative.
    2. Secondly, the applications for the second selected study programmes are considered. The examination process for the second selected programmes can be expected from 18 March to 20 May 2019, however, the dates are indicative.


The applicants will be informed about the application results around the end of June 2019 (please see the timeline at Section 3.4.3 of the Call for Applications). Please note that we are not able to reply to individual requests asking for the results. We will inform all applicants as soon as the decision is made, thank you for your patience.
We wish you good luck with the examinations and do not hesitate to contact our office in case you have any questions or concerns.

Please note that the dates are subject to change and I am using my 2019 email. Secondly, the process might change especially now that Coronavirus is messing with everything. Please exercise patience. The good thing is that you have been nominated. 

Firstly, the applications for the first selected study programmes are considered by universities.

I received this email from the University of Debrecen:

Dear Applicant,
Congratulations on your nomination as a Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship applicant and thank you for choosing the University of Debrecen for your further studies.
Currently, we are checking the formal accuracy of the applications. If you have passed the formal evaluation, you will need to take an entrance exam (multiple choice) online and you will have an oral Skype interview afterwards, based on the written test. We will send you the exact details 10 days before the exam day.


For those who chose the University of Debrecen as a first priority, the entrance exam will be held during April, for the second priority applicants, it will be held in the first half of May. We will email you about the exact date of the entrance interview if you pass the formal evaluation.


The subjects depend on the programme you are applying for as follows:

  • Business Administration and Management, Commerce and Marketing: Maths and English (in lack of language proficiency).
  • Business Informatics, Computer Science, Computer Science Engineering: Maths.
  • Biology: Biology and Maths
  • Biochemical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Chemistry, Food Engineering: Chemistry and Maths.
  • Physics and all the other Engineering programmes (including Professional Pilot): Maths and Physics
  • English and American Studies: an oral interview in English by Skype

You may find sample tests, and the list of topics here. Use this link to get a sample test. 
The sample test is not enough to pass your exam. You will have to recall your knowledge about your high school academics and this might be tested on your Oral skype interview. Mathematics will be tested taking no notice of the course you chose.

Program Subjects
[BA] Business Administration and Management Math
[BA] Commerce and Marketing Math
[BSc] Business Informatics Math
[BSc] Computer Science Math
[BSc] Computer Science Engineering Math
[BSc] Mathematics Math
[BSc] Biology Biology+Math
[BSc] Biochemical Engineering Chemistry+Math
[BSc] Chemical Engineering Chemistry+Math
[BSc] Chemistry Chemistry+Math
[BSc] Food Engineering Chemistry+Math
[BSc] Earth Sciences Geography+Math
[BSc] Geography Geography+Math
[BSc] Civil Engineering Physics+Math
[BSc] Electrical Engineering Physics+Math
[BSc] Mechanical Engineering Physics+Math
[BSc] Mechatronics Engineering Physics+Math
[BSc] Physics Physics+Math
[BSc] Professional Pilot Physics+Math

Take everything with a pinch of salt because they can change. In case they change, well I warned you.
Lastly, this was from the University of Debrecen. I do not know what other universities did. Congratulations on being nominated and I hope you nail your entrance examinations.

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