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New Kenyan Passport

I applied for my Passport last year July the 18th but never got to take the documents until this year, 2nd January. This is because the queue can be really disheartening.

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Application Procedure

  • Visit the e-citizen portal.
  •  Login/Register.
  • Click on Immigration.
  • Choose passport application as the service you want to get.

So I paid around  4,550 KES for the 32 pages passport. These are the charges  so apply depending on what you want  and how frequent you travel or wish to travel
For a Lost passport, you will pay KES 12, 050
A 32 pages ordinary ‘A’ Series passport, you’ll pay KES 4,550.
For a mutilated passport, you will have to pay KES 10, 050.
A 48 pages Ordinary ‘B’ Series passport, you will be charged KES. 6, 050.
For an East Africa passport, KES. 990 will be charged.
A 64 pages ‘C’ Series passport will cost you KES 7, 550.
For a diplomatic passport with 48 pages, you’ll pay KES 7, 550. 

These are the Documents Required of You;

  • Parents ID or death certificate in case they are deceased. If you have both parents, take both IDs and if you have one parent take her/his ID.
  • Your ID.
  • Three payment invoices downloaded from the e-citizen portal.
  • Your application form also downloaded from the e-citizen portal. For this, there’s a possibility of making a mistake with regards to your country and the first page of the document. Choose your country or the portal will automatically choose Afghanistan for you. The front page of the form should only have blank spaces to be filled by the indexing officer and the returning officer, and the instructions in Kiswahili and English. So please check the format.
  • A photocopy of the recommender’s ID.
  • Three passport photographs.
  • Original birth certificate and a photocopy of the same

Schedule a day to take the documents and another day to go it because the queue gets crazy.
I am supposed to go check on the progress or rather go for it after 14 days so I will update you on the progress. How was the process for you? Let me know in the comments.

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