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giraffe center kenya

Although I live pretty close to Giraffe Center Kenya, I’ve never visited it. I have thought about it because I love animals and I’m always looking forward to seeing either animals or a river. This week I made an impromptu plan to go to Giraffe center because I’d been cooped up in the house for a long time


Giraffe Centre Location

Giraffe Center is located near Karen, and the nearest town center is Karen Hardy. If you’re using public transportation, take a bus going to Hardy then from there you can get a motorbike to Giraffe Center at around KES 70 / 0.7 USD.


Entrance fee for residents and non-residents

Below are the entrance fees for residents and non-residents. I got my ticket the day before from their website which saved me from queuing at the gate. Walk-ins are allowed but you’re going to queue so it’s best to get your tickets from their website before hand.



I booked the afternoon slot so the place was super packed. I recommend morning hours if you want to have some more time with the giraffes, enjoy as a family, feed the giraffes and definitely take pictures without a hundred people behind you waiting on you.


Giraffe Center Kenya

Giraffe Center Kenya

The History Behind Giraffe Center, Kenya

Giraffe center was started by the late Betty Jock, who noticed the drought Rothschild’s giraffes were facing. In an 18,000 acreage, only 120 giraffes were left. Their plan was to save two baby giraffes in their Lang’ata home which is how AFEW(African Fund For Endangered Wildlife) USA was started.


Types of Giraffes at Giraffe Center:

  1. Reticulated giraffes – Giraffes with defined brick red net like patterns distributed in the Northern part of the Equator.
  2. Maasai Giraffes – Giraffes with irregular jagged dark chocolate dark patterns distributed in the Southern part of the equator.
  3. Rothschild giraffes – Giraffes with brown patches with dark spots developing inside the dark patches. They have no markings from knees down to hooves (white legs).


Giraffe Center Tips

Stand side by side with the giraffes when feeding them as opposed to facing the giraffes. This is because giraffes can headbutt you and the Giraffe center actually has signs against this. As I mentioned earlier, try scheduling a slot before 12 pm so that there is space and time for you and your loved ones. 



There’s one pathway built in an entrance – exit formation. Past the gate, at another entrance; you’re given food pellets in coconut shell bowls to feed the giraffe. You follow the path as you interact with the giraffes, all the way to the exit.


Explore the Gogo River trail

Adjacent to the giraffe center gate is a walking trail. As a hiking enthusiast, you know I had to try out. The trail is safe and marked so we had no problem finding our way but it has a lot of intersections. The general rule of thumb if you’re looking for a river is to look for an ascending trail which is what we did. 




Then we ended up at the Gogo trail which led to the Gogo river. You want to make sure you get to the Gogo trail. Past the river, the trail is marked Do Not Continue so don’t do that. If you’ve been to many trails like I have, I’d say the trail and river are underwhelming but very child friendly. I’d definitely recommend using this trail to get your children started on hiking.


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